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 Wall Mount Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've mounted my display and it seems to be sagging forward. Is this normal?
Answer: Yes, the nature of steel is to flex and rebound allowing it to absorb shock more effectively and protecting the display in the event it gets bumped. That same quality will mean that larger and heavier displays will have a tendancy to sag downward especially with mounts with more complicated mechanism like those found on our tilting/swiveling designs. The forward tilt can be easily compensated for by tilting the display upward and locking it in a position that hold the screen level.


Question: How do I determine if this mount will fit my television?
Answer: Please click the "Specifications" for a detailed description for mounting pattern compatibility.


Question: The television doesn't appear to be level even through I made sure the wall plate was level when I mounted it.
Answer: If you remove the display and look at the front plate, you will notice 5 bolts that hold the front plate to the arm assembly. The 4 outer bolts are in slotted holes. If you loosen them, you should be able to rotate the front plate till it is level and then tighten them back down to hold the plate in place.


Question: Can I mount this bracket to metal wall studs?
Answer: Our mounts come with hardware to mount to wooden studs or concrete. No instructions or hardware are provided for mounting to metal studs. While the mount should work with metal studs, I would advise consulting with a professional installer or seeking the advice of someone in your local hardware store to find out how to do it properly and securely. The maximum weight capacity the wall will hold may be less than mounting to wooden studs or concrete.


Question: Why do the mounting lag bolts keep snapping inside of my wall?
Answer: This can happen with any lag bolts being iinstalled. Everything Depends on if there is a knot in the wooden stud and how much torque you're applying. You need to pre drill into the stud as deep as you will be screwing down the lag bolt. A simple lag bolt being tighten too fast or too strong can split the wooden stud and cause the bolt to easily break. It is recommended to pre-drill a hole the size of the bolt being installed, slowly torque the bolt in. Do not overtighten the bolt. Since over tightening the bolt may cause it to break.


Question: I've heard that the lag bolts break easily. Has that issue been resolved?
Answer: Yes, we have reviewed and tested the lag bolts that are shipped with the mounts and made replacements where we thought improvements were possible. The included lag bolts should be just as reliable as those found in a retail hardware store. However, we have also found that a majority of the snapped bolts were due to lack of or insufficient pilot holes being pre-drilled into the studs prior to installation. Pilot holes of adequate diameter to a depth equal to the length of the bolt should be drilled. If the pilot holes are too shallow, they will cause the bolt to over-torque and snap. This can and will happen with any grade of lag bolt.


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