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Call Us Today 800-970-5889 - Free Shipping on Everything!
Call Us Today 800-970-5889 - Free Shipping on Everything!


New Website - New Sticker - Get $30!

Thank you for posting our sticker on your Blog! FiveStarSource has been a great success and a lot of it started with all of you!  We recently launched a new website called that makes shopping online even easier. A couple great enhancements have been:

  • FREE Shipping on Everything!
  • Lots more products
  • Great New Brands (Broyhill, Pulaski, Classic Home, and more!)

We have created a new sticker that you can post on your website.

Once you have posted the new sticker on your website, send us an email with a link to your blog. Once we get your email, we will send you a $30 credit to our store.

To make it as easy as possible, we have added step by step instructions below.

Step #1 -Login to your account.


Step #2 - Click on “Layout” under the manage settings:


Step #3 - Click on “Add a Gadget ” at the top:


Step #4 - Find the HTML/JavaScript and click “Add to Blog”:

Step #5 - Paste the code and add whatever title you would like:

Copy and Paste all the code below into the html box.

<p><a href="">
  <img alt="Affordable Online Furniture Store"
<p><a href=""><img alt="Click to Post this sticker on your Blog!"/> </a></p>


Step #6 - Click “Save Changes” and check out your cool, hip new sticker!

Affordable Online Furniture Store

Click to Post this sticker on your Blog!


Thanks for Posting! All your friends will now love your for saving them $$$!


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