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Classic Home Information

Furniture FAQs and Care Instructions



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What type of wood is used in making Classic Home furniture?
Sheesham (she shahm) - A rosewood indigenous to India. Hardwood, dense, heavy, durable. Has cathedral-like grain.

Kikor (key core) - A rosewood wood indigenous to India. Like sheesham, it is dense, heavy and durable. Source wood for our lighter-finished pieces.

Do these woods split?
Our wood is kiln-dried. We guarantee the seams in our furniture will not open up beyond a slight movement that may be expected with rustic furniture made with a panel construction. (Please note that a seam split differs from the natural distress of the wood.)

What is considered natural distress?
Cracks within the wood, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections. Also, our furniture is hand-made and there are elements of that construction (filled nail holes, etc.) that can be seen upon close inspection. They blend in with the look of our furniture and add to the rustic charm.

Do finishes in collections match?
Our product is rustic and hand-finished. Pieces will have a consistent overall tone (i.e. light vs. dark); however, there are some variances in the finishes and therefore we cannot guarantee exact matching.

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Why does my piece look different from the photograph in the catalog?
We've done our best to represent each piece as closely as possible to the catalog. However, different lighting and settings in photography (as in real life) will affect the color and appearance of a piece. With collections, the best way to determine color is to look at overall similarities in finishes in pieces in the entire collection.
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What is the lead time to ship an order?
8-12 weeks from the time a complete and properly filled out order is received by our office. Orders which have many items available in stock often ship sooner than that.


What happens if there is damage to a shipment?
Do not refuse the shipment. Our customer service people are well-trained at resolving damage issues. Please call our office immediately and identify the nature of the problem(s). Often times the shipper is the cause of the problem and we ask your help in identifying the reason. Your assistance will expedite a resolution.

Care Instructions

What is best way to maintain the appearance of Classic Home furniture?
We recommend regular dusting with a clean soft lint-free cloth. Doing this consistently is important to maintaining the appearance of our furniture.

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Should I be concerned about direct sunlight?
Yes. Sunlight, water and humidity levels should always be considered. Never place furniture in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Avoid exposing furniture to extreme changes in temperature, including near air-conditioning or heating vents.


What should I use to polish Classic Home furniture?
First of all, only polish occasionally. We recommend Pledge, Guardsman or a similar product. We recommend products with organic contents. Do not use polishes that create build-up or those with petroleum-based chemicals. Always apply polish first to a clean soft lint-free cloth and then onto the furniture surface.


Is it important to keep the furniture clean?
Yes. Dirt particles can scratch surfaces. Be aware that decorative items without felt pads can cause scratching when placed on a dirty surface.


Can I place water glasses and hot/cold serving dishes directly onto the surface?
No. As with most rustic furniture, contact with water or any direct moisture can leave rings and blemishes on the surface.

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Can wood chairs/tables damage my floor?
Yes. This depends on the material and finish of your floor; however, we strongly recommend felt pads underneath all chair and table legs.

How do I repair scratches, dents and water rings?
Because stripping the finish is the only way to truly repair scratches, dents and water rings, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance.

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