At Great Furniture Deal we understand that most people will make their sofa the feature of their family or living room. For this reason, we offer discount sofas in countless styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a modern leather and steel sofa or a classic tufted and buttoned sofa, we have something for you. With so many customization options of different fabrics, leathers, pillows, and power options offered by brands like Southern Motion, VIG, Lane, Aico, and Broyhill Furniture, we are sure to find something to fit your needs. If you have any questions regarding an end table, please call (800) 970-5889 and a Great Furniture Deal team member would be happy to help you.

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  1. Acme Furniture - Pyroden Sofa in Black - LV00296

    Special Price $2,035.00 was $2,849.00
  2. Acme Furniture - Virrux Sofa in Blue - LV00293

    Special Price $1,845.00 was $2,583.00
  3. Acme Furniture - Astonic Sofa in Blue - LV00212

    Special Price $1,995.00 was $2,793.00
  4. Acme Furniture - Bayram Sofa in Light Gray - LV00207

    Special Price $1,525.00 was $2,135.00
  5. Acme Furniture - Nurmive Sofa in Beige - LV00251

    Special Price $2,625.00 was $3,675.00
  6. Acme Furniture - Eivor Sofa in Blue - LV00210

    Special Price $1,345.00 was $1,883.00
  7. Acme Furniture - Ralorel Sofa in Black - LV00060

    Special Price $1,955.00 was $2,737.00
  8. Acme Furniture - Achim Sofa in Black - LV00203

    Special Price $1,725.00 was $2,415.00
  9. Acme Furniture - Abey Sofa in Pink - LV00205

    Special Price $1,295.00 was $1,864.80
  10. Acme Furniture - Thotton Sofa in Purple - LV00340

    Special Price $1,365.00 was $1,911.00

2879 Products found

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