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Call Us Today 800-970-5889 - Free Shipping on Everything!
Call Us Today 800-970-5889 - Free Shipping on Everything!

Receiving Your Shipment

Congratulations on your new purchase.

Here is some very IMPORTANT information regarding receiving your shipment.

***Please make sure that you inspect the package(s) at the time of delivery.
All items are carefully inspected before leaving our warehouse. If the box is damaged and it is not noted on the delivery receipt, we will not be responsible to replace or fix the merchandise. Please note any damage to the boxes/packaging being delivered on the delivery slip at the time you accept the items. 

Items in Good Condition: (note there are no scuffs, scrapes or holes in the boxes and/or packaging)
palletized-shipment palletized-shipment

Items that have possibly been damaged in transit (Please note there are holes, dents and/or carton splitting):
palletized-shipment palletized-shipment palletized-shipment

If the box has ANY damage, or if there is any reason you are concerned with its packaging or delivery, please write, “Product Damaged” clearly on the sheet the delivery agent asks you to sign. This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem, and your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible. We like to use the phrase, when in doubt, NOTATE IT.

If you have requested for the furniture to be assembled, please ensure that you note these damages when you sign the assembly service slip. will then work with the carrier to claim the costs and remedy the situation. Please note that the method of correction will be at the discretion of management and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

We will replace any damaged parts as long as you signed for them as damaged.
If you have any questions, please call us at 800-970-5889.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-970-5889 and we would be happy to assist. 

Enjoy your new furniture!

Great Furniture Deal Reviews

The Great Furniture Deal team prides themselves on providing excellent customer service and fast delivery times. Find out what our customers have to say by browsing their reviews! If you would like to find out more about our products and service, please reach out to us by phone at 1-800-970-5889 or reaching out to our sales team at