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Call Us Today 800-970-5889 - Free Shipping on Everything!

Classic Home Rugs

Classic Home uses Natural Fibers that come from the following sources.
Coir — From a coconut's husk. The coconut must be soaked for about a year to soften the husk, then extract the fiber by "beating the pulp out of it". Our doormats are made from Coir. Bermuda rugs have coir on the inside, and Jute on the outside.
Jute — From tall, reedy plants that grow during the rainy season in India. The plants grow fast, so the fibers are flexible. The Jute fibers are spun into yarn of different gauges and density. Jute can be dyed and has a texture which is slightly harder than cotton, yet still soft to the hand. 
Seagrass — From tall, reedy plants grown in salt-water paddies. Seagrass is dense and durable. It is naturally stain-resistant with a smooth, hard shell covering the inner fiber. Seagrass will not accept dye, so the color is always beige with a green cast, or dark brown if it has been aged. Our rugs are woven from fresh, dried seagrass. 
Sisal — From the Agave plant. These are the long leaf cactus type plants that grow in arid climates. Yes, Tequila and Mescal are made from the same plant. The fibers are strong, but not as soft as Jute, or as smooth as seagrass. Sisal yields a more refined yarn, so the rugs are more suitable in formal settings.

Classic Home Natrual Fiber rugs are eco-friendly. The eco friendliness refers to the fact whether the products will have any ecologically harmful residues, or whether the products will not degrade biologically leading to ecological imbalances. From this point of view all our products are eco-friendly. 

All the chemicals that we use are certified to be non-hazardous and non-toxic in the cured state. 

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