$100 Dining Rewards

Watch the video below to learn more:



Q: How much does the $100 Dining Rewards cost me?

A: It is FREE with any purchase over $750 from GreatFurnitureDeal.com as long as you check the box stating you want your Dining Rewards before you check out.


Q: Do all items qualify?

A: NO, Some items are marked down to the lowest price we can sell them for and don't have the Dining Rewards option.


Q: When do I receive the $100 Dining Rewards?

A: As soon as your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your code to redeem your Dining Rewards.


Q: Can I use other promotions or financing and still receive the $100 Dining Reward?

A: Yes, just make sure to click the box stating that you want the Dining Rewards before you check out.


Q: If I place an order, and forget to check the box that I want the $100 Dining Rewards, do I still get the Dining Rewards?

A: No, You must ask for the Dining Rewards option at the time of purchase in order to receive one.


Q: Can I waive the $100 Dining Rewards offer and use it toward a discount on my order?

A: No, the dining rewards is a bonus offer and cannot be used toward a discount on your order.

*You must click that you want the Dining Rewards option during check out. $100 Dining Rewards cannot be added to an order after it is placed. Only one (1) Dining Rewards offer per customer. Some items do not qualify.