Large Rugs (largest dimension 8' to 11')

Large  Rugs (largest dimension 8' to 11')

 It has always been in great demand and most of our customers look forward for full lengthened rug which covers their complete carpet area and gives their floor an elegant look. This not only gives visitors a smooth look of an amazing design that has been crafted over, but also reduces your pain of maintaining appropriate gap between the rugs as this single piece beautifully covers the major part of your room. These rugs add an elegant look and charm to your home décor and being so soft and smooth, they certainly are very safe for toddlers to play. Every piece of rug has got a unique design which matches your home interiors and gives an ultimate compliment to your walls and furniture. They come in different sizes keeping it as large as 8*11’’ and smoothly cover almost all the area.

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